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When it comes to buying land in Mexico, there’s something for everyone from large lots suited to experienced property developers, to smaller sites which could be used as an investment or for a family home.

Key factors to consider and consult with the experts at Astamar:

  1. It is legal for foreigners to own property in Mexico.
  2. The Land Trust that makes ownership possible.
  3. Transfer of Title and to your beneficiaries.
  4. The Fideicomiso protects you.
  5. The title is yours, and your investment is secure.
  6. The Mexican government cannot take your property.
  7. Financing options.
  8. Closing costs and annual expenses.
CR23452725 MLS
Azulera is one of the largest, oceanfront development opportunities currently available in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. It is located near the center of the most desirable tourism and investment zones known as the “Guanacaste Gold Coast”. This area has moved to the forefront of attention about Costa Rica, because of its natural beauty, varied terrain, desirable climate, stunning beaches, and proximity to Costa Rica’s newest international airport at Liberia. Azulera has an overall area of 543 acres with 403 available for development. The difference is occupied with environmentally sensitive zones, some difficult terrain, and setbacks around streams and water resources. The developable area, and its varied features offer a multitude of master plan options involving residential, commercial, and hospitality uses, in oceanfront, ocean view, rolling hill, flat land, and highway frontage settings. Azulera currently has 4 legal wells able to produce 11 liters per second to support development. This will permit initial phases containing 550 residential units, approximately 1/3 of the full potential. Current regional aqueduct projects and the recent addition of desalinization technology in Guanacaste can offer a path to the full development of Azulera. Azulera is comprised of 9 separate fincas. The group has been extensively studied and prepared for sale by the current owners. While this effort remains ongoing, there is a substantial detailed information to share with serious investors after executing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Offered in conjunction with and as a courtesy of Avicennia.

Across Road from Mar Vist Main Highway From Brasilito, Guanacaste

CR23473193 MLS
Brisas del Mar Opportunity – An eco-friendly Costa Rica Residential Development Opportunity including 136 hectares (1,360,000 square meters) or 334.6 Acres (14,633,600 square feet) of virgin, ocean/mountain view, rolling hills. The offered package includes all legal preparation, physical planning and required permits, for the creation of a 700-lot, securely gated, condominium community of residences. All above preparatory work has been completed and related permits have been granted and paid. Brisas del Mar is “shovel ready” for an investor to immediately install master-planned infrastructure and offer residential lots for sale. This includes the completed, registered 700-unit, land condominium of segregated and titled lots with access to water. It also complies with all local and national codes including the Costa Rican seismic code which is one of the strictest codes in America. The Brisas del Mar vision includes site amenities and activities to encourage very active lives for Brisas del Mar residents in a stunning, natural setting. Brisas del Mar also offers an integrated Wellness Center at its core, included to support the health, longevity, and ultimate happiness of its residents. It is also befitting that its location is in the “Blue Zone” of the Nicoya Peninsula. Brisas del Mar Location – In the Cobano district of the province of Puntarenas, overlooking Playa Cabuya and the Pacific Ocean. Brisas del Mar is near the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula among other world-renown, Costa Rica resort communities like Santa Teresa, Malpais, and Montezuma. This area of Costa Rica has become globally-desirable with its combination of undisturbed biosphere, challenging outdoor activities, and world-class surfing – all wrapped in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Brisas del Mar is located just 0.18 miles (300 meters) from Playa Cabuya. It is 2.5 miles (4 Km) from the famous Mal País and Santa Teresa beaches. 4 miles (7 Km) southeast

100 Beach Road, Puntarenas

CR23559010 MLS
This 16 hectares (40 acres) of titled beachfront land represents a unique development opportunity in Costa Rica. It is an extraordinary asset due to the extreme scarcity of titled oceanfront land in the country, combined with its absolutely prime location in a booming area. Tucked along Playa Grande, Guanacaste - one of the fastest-growing beach communities in the country - the property has the key components needed for developing any vision, from a signature surf hotel to an exclusive residential community or luxury health retreat. Its topography is entirely flat; utility access has been confirmed; the developable space has been clearly/legally defined. Since 2021, prices for residential lots and homes in Grande have more than doubled due to several factors. First and foremost, the Playa Grande surf break is world-renowned, attracting surfers from all parts of the globe. The waves have always brought tourism into the community. Second, key environmental and water issues were fully resolved, allowing for development in the community, at the same time that a wave of expat families and digital nomads flooded Costa Rica in the 2021-23 post-COVID relocation boom. The area now has clear boundaries for its national park, as well as the developable areas - and with the final hurdles cleared, construction in the community soared immediately. Third, Grande is located in a corridor with the key amenities that attract expats, including private schools, healthcare facilities and a well-connected international airport. The rapid increase in the area's private school enrollment is evidence of a trend that is palpable in Guanacaste - more people than ever want to visit or move to Costa Rica. The government's pro-foreign-investment policies have created a region that is ripe with opportunity and a growing audience; 2023 is set to be a record year for international arrivals in Costa Rica. For serious investors looking to create a legacy property, there is little oc

Beachfront Parcel, Guanacaste

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